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  • THE Contract Packaging Specialists

    We can provide solutions for any product, in any form, packed in any environment, using any packaging process, into any pack type.

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We have a dedicated food packaging capability - any food product, in any pack type. We work with clients to find a packaging solution to maximise their market opportunities.

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We add physical value to consumer products. Whether it is for retail sale, a sampling campaign, direct mail program or any form of promotional marketing. We have the contract packaging solution.

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With TGA accreditation and 23 years of contract packaging experience, we’re providing the Pharma industry with the kind of packaging solutions usually only available to FMCG.

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Affordable innovation for our customers.
That is what drives Multipack.


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1.A more efficient use of capital – no money tied up in packaging equipment for bespoke packaged products

2.Supply chain optimisation – manufacture globally and pack locally

3.Cost efficient packaging for seasonal products

4.The ability to meet unique individual retailer demands

5.Packaging flexibility – promotional packs, test packs, packaging innovation and more...

6.Short run and start-up packaging capabilities

7.Speed to market – using professional packaging solutions partners with state-of-the-art capabilities

who we work with

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Multipack provides an extensive range of contract packaging services for the FMCG, print & publishing, direct mail, advertising & promotions industries.

Using our extensive experience, skilled management team, trained production staff, and vast array of specialist equipment to ensure that our clients have their product transformed at the right price…

Affordable innovation for our customers. That is what drives Multipack.

What We Do

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Put simply – we add physical value to consumer products.

Whether for retail sale, for sampling campaigns, for direct mail programs or any form of promotional marketing, Multipack has a contract packaging solution support to your product.

Now that’s.... CONSUMER PRODUCT contract packaging brilliance!